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Pruning out extra apples will also help the overall health of.

Damage by insects will cause premature dropping of apples. Apple maggots – the larval stage of a small fly – tunnel through apples while feeding.

The damaged apples often fall from the tree prematurely. The plum curculio is another insect that feeds by burrowing through apples, causing fruit drop. Jun 19, There are several reasons why an apple tree might be dropping fruit before they become ripe.

Most of the time, it is natural for apples to fall from the tree, but the time of year and the size of fruit will give us a hint as to what is actually happening behind the scenes.

After the first few years, the apples should be pruned to be no less than inches apart for maximum growth.

Apple trees can drop fruit from poor pollination, to reduce a heavy fruit set, from lack of nutrients or water, from Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins. Jun 18, Lack of water can also cause premature fruit fall of apples, so be sure to maintain a watering schedule and mulch to retain moisture and regulate soil temps. Other Reasons for Apple Trees Dropping Fruit Other reasons for fruit fall are a bit more sinister. Attack by either pests or disease can result in fruit shrubfalling.clubted Reading Time: 3 mins.

Nov 11, One of them is the worms you mentioned. The fact that many of the apples rot while still on the tree suggests that the codling moth larvae (worms) are infesting them. Apples infested with codling moths will have rotten areas within the developing fruit and will often drop from the tree.

There are several things that could be contributing to the problem.

Oct 05, There are other stress factors that might come into play with pre-harvest apple drop and can be related to the severity of drop from one year to the next.

These include orchard and climatic factors such as fruit load, nutrition imbalance, summer pruning, insect or disease issues, and water and weather extremes during the growing shrubfalling.clubted Reading Time: 4 mins.

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